Medical Writing

The essentials of medical writing: comprehensible transfer of ideas or data into a trial protocol, report, documentation, or publication according to international standards and regulatory guidelines in order to realize a meaningful output of your trial concept or trial results and research.
Our medical writing team consists of physicians and natural scientists with long-standing experience in a wide range of medical and bioscientific fields. Rely on our years of expert editorial and writing experience, both, German and English.

Development of trial concept and design, and compilation of trial documents

  • Trial protocol or observational plan, synopses, and amendments
  • Patient Information form and leaflet
  • Informed consent form
  • Case report forms, patient diaries, and questionnaires (paper and electronically)
  • Translation of trial documents for national use according to local regulatory requirements

Development of regulatory documents

  • Investigator´s brochure (IB)
  • Investigational medicinal product dossier (IMPD)

Development of trial output documents

  • Integrated clinical study reports (and e.g. ´mock´ or ´shell`, Interim, and abbreviated reports)
  • Relevant parts of the Common Technical Document (CTD)
  • Scientific publications, abstracts, posters, and presentations

English Trial documents will be translated according to local regulations, as required

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